PORTAMIX: Performance and profitability in the coatings industry

Eddy Sucking - Business Development Manager Portamix


Can you briefly describe your activity? 

Portamix is a market leader providing innovative mixing equipment for the floor coating industry. We work closely with material manufacturers and installers to provide effective solutions to meet the needs of the industry. These needs include providing fast mixing and installation solutions to ensure material quality and increase installer productivity. We focus on providing “win-win” solutions for material manufacturers and their installers globally.

What are your growth perspectives and your innovation drivers to respond to the wide range of projects arising in France and all over the world? 

The floor coatings market is growing internationally. Growing consumer awareness and new materials provide new opportunities for the market. Government regulations are also influences that are causing change and growth in the industry.

As the markets grows and technology develops, Portamix will continue to play an important part providing innovative solutions in support of this industry.

We welcome contact from material manufacturers, equipment suppliers and applicators who are interested in improving performance and profitability in the coatings industry.

What are the trends in your field market?   

There is a growing awareness of the importance of appropriate floor coatings for any application. Designers, project specifiers, industrial and commercial property owners and home owners are increasingly aware of the needs and options that are available to meet consumer requirements. Such needs include floor safety, durability, hygiene and decoration. 

To meet consumer expectations, new products are looked for that can give more choices and better results in less time. New material technology is advancing rapidly to provide this. New materials will often require new installation techniques to meet product and consumer needs.

Installation quality continues to be a major concern in the industry. Site conditions, time constraints and labour skills all influence project performance. Material manufacturers are becoming increasingly strict on management of product installation through installer training and certification.

Portamix plays a key part in providing effective and profitable solutions for material manufacturers and applicators alike.  

What are the main highlights/ features planned on WOC Europe 2018?

This will be the first time the complete Portamix range will have been exhibited in France. The Portamix Mega Hippo is the main product, however, we will introduce the Portamix range and show how contractors can gain their competitive edge.

What do you expect to get out of your participation at WOC Europe 2018?

We expect to meet key industry professionals to introduce the Portamix to the market, and raise awareness of the benefits and solutions the Portamix offers. We are looking for professional companies in different countries in Europe to join our network to promote and distribute Portamix.