Exhibitor Workshop

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Hold your own exhibitor workshop during the World of Concrete Forum, and take advantage of a unique speaking opportunity in front of concrete industry professionals.


Use the forum to deliver your own talk and increase the visibility of your products and services, unveil your new developments, etc.

The forum offers you a platform to speak directly to your clients, sales prospects and a qualified target audience.

Further information:

  • A workshop lasts 60 minutes maximum
  • It can be held from Monday 23 April to Friday 27 April inclusive
  • It can be held in the morning or the afternoon (depending on the schedule determined by the organisers and subject to availability - please ask sales team)
  • The theme chosen for your talk must fall within the categories of WOC Europe or the exhibition or be an extension thereof.

The room is laid out to accommodate the public and includes the necessary presentation equipment (computer, projector, microphone, etc.).

We invite you to bring your presentation and any other promotional tools you wish to display (brochures, sales documents, drop posters, etc.).

All conferences and workshops on the WOC Europe Forum will be translated simultaneously.

Do not hesitate any more, contact us to reserve your time slot:



+33 (0)1 76 77 15 01

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