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New functions and how and why rebuild the city on the city of concrete

Sessions :

  • Wednesday 25 April 2018 14:00 - 15:30 - Duration : 01h30

Forum WOC Europe - Hall 6

Wednesday 25 April 2018 - 14:00 - 15:30
Duration of the event : 01h30


L'intérêt de la rénovation

Place :

Forum WOC Europe - Hall 6


Contributions from Franck VIALET, Jean-Marc Weill, Philippe Osset and Laurent Truchon

  • Moderator: Laurent Truchon, Director of Building Unit, CIMbéton
  • Franck Vialet - Architecte, VIB architecture

Franck Vialet has an unconventional profile which saw him gain an architecture degree from Sydney University where he drew inspiration from the power of the projects of Harry Seidler and the lightness of approach of Glenn Murcutt or Rick Leplastrier. Back in Europe, he made a name for himself with the construction of the Val de Reuil Memory and Peace Monument, an open-air work made from concrete and wood, built in association with Jakob+MacFarlane. He then chose to work alongside Jean Nouvel, François Seigneur and Jacques Ripault.

In 2001 he founded VIB architecture with Bettina Ballus. They then emerged on the national stage through a raw concrete research laboratory which was awarded the Moniteur’s First Structure Award. While the firm works on a wide range of programmes and an array of construction solutions, it uses concrete on a regular basis.

In 2014 the consultancy designed one of its most iconic projects, a cement distribution centre located on the edge of the Paris ring road.

The firm today works all over France and across the globe on major projects that are guided by a sensual approach, close to people

  • Jean-Marc Weill - Structural design consultancy C&E
  • Philippe Osset - President and co-founder, Solinnen SAS



  • Franck VIALET

    Architecte, Vibarchitecture

    J-M Weill

    Bureau d’Étude Structure C&E/Structural design consultancy C&E

    Philippe Osset

    Président co-fondateur, Solinnen SAS/President and co-founder, Solinnen SAS

    Laurent Truchon

    Directeur pôle bâtiment, CIMbéton / Director of Building Unit, CIMbéton

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