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Concrete and 2020 RE targets: Concrete Footprint, E+C experiment – issues for builders

Sessions :

  • Tuesday 24 April 2018 14:00 - 15:30 - Duration : 01h30

Forum WOC Europe - Hall 6

Tuesday 24 April 2018 - 14:00 - 15:30
Duration of the event : 01h30


Bétons et objectif RE 2020

Place :

Forum WOC Europe - Hall 6


Contributions from Vincent Simon, Mickaël Thiery, Lionel Montfront, Jean-Jacques Barreau, et Benoist Thomas

  • Moderator: Vincent Simon - deputy secretary general of UMGO-FFB

A graduate of the engineering school ESTP (TP 97), Vincent Simon is deputy secretary general of UMGO-FFB which represents the bricklaying builders of the French Building Federation. He chairs the union’s economics and communication commission and its foresight group. Every year he prepares, coordinates and chairs the Structural Works Trade Meetings (RMGO) which bring together all the stakeholders working in brick-built construction.

  • Lionel Montfront - Market Products Director, CERIB

Lionel Monfront heads the Market Products Department at the Cerib (concrete industry studies and research centre), an entity which works on all issues relating to the design and construction of structures made from prefabricated concrete products and systems (building and civil engineering): the structural, acoustic, heat, environmental and life cycle approaches. In this role he coordinates and directs lifecycle analysis studies combining all of the stages in products’ life cycles with a multi-parameter approach, and concrete structure market positioning studies (network environmental quality, highway environmental quality, positioning studies under the E+C programme and constructability bonuses for collective dwellings, individual houses and commercial buildings). The DPM department supports the concrete industry on these subjects, in particular through the production of environmental and health certificates drawn up by its Environmental Assessment unit.

  • Mickaël Thiery - Head of Building energy performance bureau

Mickaël Thiery is a qualified bridge, water and forest engineer (2013) and holds a civil engineering doctorate from ENPC (2005). Since 1 August 2016, he is head of the building energy performance and territorial development bureau at the DHUP’s Construction Quality and Sustainable Development sub-division. This bureau specifically deals with aspects relating to buildings’ environmental performance (life cycle analysis, environmental indicators including carbon footprint, circular economy, etc..) but also the promotion of eco-construction solutions which call on regions’ local resources (wood, bio sourcing, materials generated from deconstruction, processes which have not gone into mass production, etc.).

  • Benoist Thomas - Secretary General, SNBPE
  • Jean-Jacques Barreau, Technical consultant, LCA-FFB



  • Vincent Simon

    Secrétaire général adjoint, UMGO-FFB/deputy secretary general of UMGO-FFB

    Lionel Montfront

    Directeur Produits Marché, CERIB/Market Products Director, CERIB

    Mickaël Thierry

    Chef du bureau de la performance environnementale des bâtiments/Head of Building energy performance bureau

    Benoist Thomas

    Secrétaire Général, SNBPE/Secretary General, SNBPE

    Jean-Jacques Barreau

    Consultant technique, LCA-FFB/Technical consultant, LCA-FFB

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